Meet the Family...


Officially the most handsome man in the world, and it just so happens that he's my handsome man...
Born in: the Philippines. Lived in: Philippines, Austria, Germany, USA, England.
Loves: good food, football, history, economics, technology and movies. And of course; his wife ;)
Hates: mess and disorder, smelly people, long trips to the supermarket and reality TV.
Dreams of: a comfortable life for his family and a car he doesn't have to pay for.


Yours Truly; author of this blog and Mumma of the house...
Born in: England. Lived in: England, Germany.
Loves: being a Wife and Mumma, cooking, writing, eating out, music and cuddles with her precious ones.
Hates: arrogance, time-wasting, unkempt nails, and things that don't match.
Dreams of: a detached house with a big garden.


Our beautiful little Princess; the personification of Pure Hope. 
Born in: England. Lived in: England, Germany.
Loves: cuddles, laughing, bath-time and sleeping in Mummy & Daddy's bed.
Hates: too much noise, being woken up too soon, being cold after her bath.
Dreams of: Mummy's milk probably..!


Seth was our firstborn child. Sadly, he didn't quite make it to this Earth; he was just too precious. He's the reason I started this blog, and I live my every day for him and my baby girl, Lily. 
My children mean more to me than anything on this earth, and I want nothing more than to make my waiting boy proud. Seth was born on March 18th, 2012, and you can find most of my posts written about and for him under the label "Seth". If you have any questions about grief, babyloss, or any other related topic, feel free to contact me by the information given on the "Contact Me" page. 

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