Living Abroad

I was born and bred in the South West region of England, and had never been too far from home.

My husband was born in the Philippines, moved to Vienna, Austria when he was 10, then to Germany when he was 15, served a mission in Salt Lake City, UT for two years and cam straight to Bristol, England to study.

I always liked the thought of moving countries, and when I met my husband, the thought became quite a real possibility.

He was offered a job with an international company just before his final year of University, and 9 months later we found ourselves on a one-way flight to Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

For Pete, the "ex-pat" life was quite a normality, but for me, as someone who has only ever known one region of small country well - it's an epic adventure. 

So join and keep up to day with the Bavarian Branch of my "Leafs", and share the experience of Living Abroad...

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