Monday, 28 July 2014

25 Songs, 25 Days; Day 5

Day five; A song that is often stuck in your head

You know the song Royals, by Lorde? Well, that's an awesome song, but I can top it:

When Lorde released her original song a year ago, I loved it. I would sing it at random times and to Lily. I love how she uses her voice in that song and it's just so catchy.

But then I discovered this beauty a couple of months ago. And it is this particular version that is always. stuck. in. my head. With the crazy-awesome African accent that Alex Boye does in so many of his hitched-up covers, which is awesome. Even better? This guys a Mormon. Just to get it out there.

He does some awesome stuff, and you should really check out his youtube channel. Specifically this song. It just makes you want to move your body like you wouldn't normally. Have a go. It's really fun.

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