Friday, 25 July 2014

25 Songs, 25 Days; Day 2

Day two: A Song you listened to as a Teenager

I discoverd this song when I was about 13 years old, and from the moment the first chord hit my inner ear, I knew it was love. 
To me, what was SO AWESOME about Yellowcard, was that they were pretty much deemed a rock band, but they had one thing no other rock band had; a violin, and an incredibly played one at that. I was just so psyched that my two favourite genres of music (rock and classical) had been merged together to create something epic. 

There was this one friend I had who shared my taste in music pretty much completely.  We always seemed to be listening to the same stuff on our ipods, and if I discovered something new, I knew I could show my amazing discovery to this particular friend and it would never go unappreciated. This friend actually introduced this song to me, and we would sing it together over and over just having the time of our lives, thinking that we could just sing it forever. And to be honest we could have. But time moves on and people grow apart and so did we. But whenever I hear this song I think of that one friend and the awesome times we had together sharing music and being invincible teenagers who thought that the worst thing in the world was a dead ipod battery and running out of phone credit simultaneously. I think that one still might make the top ten somehow...

But anyway, I hope you enjoy my contribution for my second day of 25 songs for 25 days - it's truly a great one. Let it take you back to that age of innocence when leaving town with the only person you know who appreciates music, and just running forever actually seems like the most incredible idea. 


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