Wednesday, 23 July 2014

25 Songs, 25 Days; Day 1

Day One: A Song from your Childhood

So, I saw this thing on Pinterest (it's actually crazy how many of my sentences start like that) that I found whilst pinning "Journalling" ideas. It was entitled 25 Songs, 25 Days, and I thought it looked pretty awesome, so I decided it was something i would embark on, and share it here on the blog to get the bloggy juices flowing a bit more freely, and maybe have some fun with some fellow bloggers!

All that is required, is to pick one song per day for 25 days that fits the day's requirement, along with an explanation why you picked it.

So day one, is A Song from you Childhood. And only one song came to mind...

We used to sing this song in Infant School all the time. Seriously, like every Friday at the end of the day, and more often if we'd been good. Every kid I ever met at school absolutely loved this song, and would beg to sing it at every "treat" opportunity. It was either this or heads down, thumbs up. (Remember that one, eh? I sure do. What a game!) But Puff - that wonderful magic dragon - for me signified years of pure joy in childhood - Puff turned even the roughest, chavviest kids innocent at the end of singing hour, and every child (no matter how terrible their singing voice) would give this one their absolute all, and would literally feel elated whilst doing so, and then experience those terrible mixed feelings when the last chord sounded; joy at having sung the song = as best they could, but sincere pain and anguish now that it was over, with the knowledge that no teacher anywhere would ever be kind enough to let them sing it twice...

But when I became older, it was revealed to me that Puff supposedly signified more than childhood innocence and imaginations running away with the words of a song to the nearest beach with their very own pet magical dragon, and vowing when that dreaded third verse came that if they were blessed Jackie Paper that they would never betray Puff the way he did...

Anyway, my memory of this most happy children's song was tainted at some point, with the knowledge that Puff was not a magic dragon at all, and that the talk of Pirate ships and other wonderful things was all a metaphor for something other than childhood innocence fading away. I refused then to believe that Puff symbolized the tasteless smoking of such substances that supposedly conjure such magical thoughts in one's head, and still do now.

Puff lives on in my heart - how about yours?

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