Monday, 23 June 2014


At certain times in life, it is necessary to take a step back, and sort out one's priorities.

This is what I did earlier this year.

I decided to take up an online course with Stanford in January, I was raising a fast-growing toddler and trying to be the best person I could be including being a wife and mother, and that's when my health took a bad turn and then the blog took a back seat. Actually, it was more like I dropped the blog off on the side of the road and carried on driving. But now I've turned around to pick it back up.

In that time I went in to hospital for treatment, completed a whole eight-week course on International Women's Health and Human Rights, both my babies had a birthday, visited England, two nephews and a niece were born and my sister got engaged. It's a busy, busy life, and it just goes on. But we love it. So, so much.