Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Seasonal Changes: Autumn to Winter

This is my favourite time of year.

It always has been, and I think it will be as long as I live in Europe. And not just because it's my birthday soon. 

I love Autumn. I love the colours. I love wearing boots. I love tea in the mornings and hot chocolate in the evenings. I love the vegetables. I love the fashion. I love adding another layer each week. 

I love watching Autumn turn in to Winter. I love seeing red-nosed busy-bodies clutching Starbuck's cups and stamping their feet to keep warm. I love seeing Christmas decor appear in every store. I love to see the increase of people around town. I love seeing sprouts in my local grocer - that's when I know Christmas is really coming!

I really love how you can see the season change; when you think of one and the other, Autumn and Winter seem so different. Cool days, light jackets, bright colours, warm fruit pie, leaves on trees - it feels like more than any other time of year. To no leaves on any tree, cold winds, lots of layers, dull grays and quick hot snacks bought in cold haste.

But I love to see that transition happen; I love seeing leisurely, bright, daytime strolls turn in to quick and cold, wind-whipping walks when everyone tries to wrap their coat a little tighter to shield from imminent frost of the season. I love to see the leaves fall from the trees and disappear under tramplers' feet, to become a part of the safe ground beneath us, feeding nature back to itself.

It's a marvelous time of year, and it's not much different here in Munich than it is back home.

But there are things I will miss back home. Such as Mr Kipling's mince pies, boxes and tins of Roses piling up in the pantry, far more frequent family gatherings, Christmas shopping in Bristol, fireworks on every street up and down the country on November 5th, and going to Sand Bay. I'm going to miss Greg's seasonal pies and pastries, walks along the seafront, wondering whether the snow will come, and getting ridiculously excited if it does.

And there are things here that I didn't have back home; new things to experience, traditions to make. The famous German Christmas Markets, heisse Maroni, warm sweet nuts off the side of the street, new places to walk, see and do things as a family. Some of the things I have already quickly learned to love have been the vast variety of pumpkins to learn to cook with throughout Autumn, Oktoberfest to mark the start of my favourite season, museums and galleries, and so much more.

I can't wait to experience more of Munich this Season, and I'm so excited to share it here on the blog!

Hopefully I'll be frequenting the blog a little more this season, as my little family adventures out to find and make new traditions!

I wish the best of season's to everyone!