Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Just 9 things...

  1. I don't like using Euros. I miss the Pound. Maybe it's just because I'm trying to transfer bank accounts at the moment. You know you can get a 500 Euro Note? That's far too much money for one piece of paper. I'm sure I'll get used to this modern money one day. 
  2. Germany is so clean. Remember this picture from here?
    I can get used to this kind of tidy!
  3. Water is water, right? Not here in Germany... You ask for water in a restaurant and they bring you that weird sparkling stuff... It's happened four times now. You think I would have learned after the third time? Nah. Stilles Wasser. Stilles Wasser. Stilles Wasser. Must. Remember. This. In really posh restaurants in England, they sometimes give you a choice between still and sparkling when you ask for water. Sometimes...
  4. My baby is beautiful.
  5. Even though I'm learning basic German phrases, and know how to order very useful things such as ice cream, whenever it actually comes to it I completely buckle and spurt out really fast that "Sorry I don't speak German, can I have that pink one...uhh...Bitte?" I'm really going to have to work on that.
  6. The best ice cream is in Germany. And it's Italian. 
    Bottom left; orange flavour. You're right Dad, it's the best! 
  7. Finding a place to live in Munich is more stressful than looking for a job in England. It's not like a competition, it is one. A number of people apply for one flat, and the Landlord picks his favourite. But they come and go like Whack-a-Mole. Seriously. 
    {Our current most-visited website}
  8. The architecture here is stunning. We visited a place last week called Landshut. Stunning. I can't wait for my brother and his family to come and visit, probably sometime next year - You'll love it Tim!
  9. Seriously, she is just the best.

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  1. Wow it looks beautiful, as does your beautiful daughter!!
    The German will come :)
    Love and miss you!