Friday, 26 April 2013


Lily Esperanza
[The personification of "Pure Hope"]

Isn't she just the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

The answer is yes, in case you were wondering :)

She also explains why I have been so vacant on the blog recently. For the last few weeks of the pregnancy, I was, what I can only describe as, a total mess. 

I was a constant anxious bundle of nerves and emotion; mixed together with energy level: zero, and draining ill-health... Like I said: total mess.

But it was all totally, completely, 100% worth it. 

I type this post as my Little Lily Flower snoozes on my chest, probably dreaming of endless supplies of Mumma's milk, cozy pink onezies, and a land where "tummy-time" just does not exist. Oh, sweet bliss!

I won't say that having a tiny-weeny one is super-duper easy, because it's not. It's really hard! But it is so, so wonderful. I look into Lily's big, beautiful eyes and the world is just an incredible place, and I am just so blessed. She is a gift.

So many people have asked about her name, so I will explain it right here.

Peter and I always loved the name Lily. When we were dating we would talk about what we would call our little Maggy's and the name Lily was mentioned every single time. 
We found out we were expecting a girly, and Baba became Little Sweetie, and names started flying around. Peter and I threw names back and forth almost every night, and towards the end, Pete would talk to Little Sweetie inside and ask "What are we going to call her?" I always replied, "I'm not sure..." But in my heart of hearts, I knew she was my Lily. 

Of course, we knew Lily was a flower, but when we looked up the meaning, we learnt that it was the flower of purity, and the one named Lily was Pure. For me, from that moment it stuck.

One of the names that we tossed around when she was still inside, was Esperanza. Now, Pete LOVED it, but I just wasn't too sure. He told me that it meant Hope, but I still wasn't convinced; it wasn't enough. 

And then one plain afternoon, I put the two together: Lily Esperanza; Pure Hope. 

I remember the feeling of my heart swelling. That was it. That evening, I told Pete what I had realized, and we both fell in love, with Pure Hope. After all that we had been through, that is exactly what this tiny girl was. And when she arrived, she was placed on my chest, using her lungs to their full capacity. Here she was - Lily Esperanza. It was as though the words beat in my heart; Pure Hope, personified. 

{Photo taken by the fabulous Emily Beale Photography}

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