Sunday, 8 July 2012


Life is, oh, so hard.

When I was a little girl, and had troubles such as losing a favourite doll, or my best pink t-shirt still hadn't come out the other end of the wash, or my Mum wouldn't buy me the wonderful knickers, I always thought that grown-ups had it easy. They had jobs, could watch whatever they wanted on TV, and buy and eat whatever on earth they wanted from the shops. They had the money, the food was in the shop - all they had to do was put it in the trolley and it was theirs! (I used to think that must be the best part about being a grown up, and used to dream of the day when I could put a chocolate gateau in my very own shopping trolley every single week).

As I got a little older, I "realised" that having whatever I wanted in my trolley wasn't going to be the answer to all of my grown-up troubles, and soon discovered that getting married would solve them all.

I started to "understand" that marriage was the key to happiness, and my very own Prince Charming (who would, by the way, let me put whatever I wanted in my shopping trolley) would be the answer to all of life's problems, such as; "Why won't Mum buy me that top?" or "Why won't Dad let me go to that party?". As a husband would buy me things without me having to ask, and he would just go to the party with me.

I was actually this naive until quite late in my teenage life.

But even if someone had told me when I was younger that finding a job is probably one of life's most stressful challenges, and that you have to count every penny you put in the trolley, especially when you're newly wed, and that happiness is more than a gob-smacking-ly beautiful man on your arm (even though I'm lucky enough to have one of them anyway...)
        Back to the point - even if someone was nasty/nice enough to tell me these things when I was younger, I doubt it would have made a blind bit of difference.

I look at my life, and I see a bounty of blessings.

Sometimes they're hard to see through the mist of trial and tribulation, surrounding towers of challenge and roads well-wandered...But when I sit back and wait for the fog to subside, and look closely through the gaps between the towers, and passed those well-worn roads, it is clear to see them all, lined up, fitting perfectly into the skyline that is my life.

I must admit, the skyline from my window isn't looking too wonderful; England is having a rainy and gloomy Summer, and my outlook on life is much like the present season. But the future looks bright, I see sunny days ahead, passed this stormy weather there must be a rainbow waiting to appear and bring hope to someone praying for a sunny day; someone praying, just like me.

So here's to those who are feeling the same, trying to find the light in their skyline; the sunshine on a gloomy day; their blessings in a world of strife.

Here's to you, and me. Here's to hope that we get through - find our way to the other side, where the grass is greener maybe? Or where the sun could shine through green leafy trees, or just where someone might just give us a chance.

Don't stop praying; someone's listening.

And here's to those thoughts of grown-ups that we all had when we were young, 
Thinking life is a breeze passed 18... 
Now that we know it's not, here's to turning 65, 
Hoping that will bring some smiles...
But for now, let's just enjoy every little thing in between.

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